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Fragile, bulky, and specialty items need specialty movers with the right equipment and expertise. Security Moving & Storage has the Cincinnati area covered! Our specialty moving services include:

  • Antique Moves
  • Senior Moves
  • Gun Safe Moves
  • Piano Moves

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When it comes to large, heavy, or irreplaceable items you need to be relocated, finding specialty movers is key. From storage of your precious items to reliable transport in or around the Cincinnati area, Security Moving & Storage is ready to help you move. 

Specialty moving services require professionals with the experience to carefully protect the item during transport and storage. Our team crafts a custom solution for your needs, paying attention to every detail so your stuff is safe and sound through the entire packing and moving process.

Specialty Moving Services

Security Moving & Storage proudly offer a wide range of specialty services, whether you’re making a big move or just need specific items relocated, our teams can get your possessions safely to their new location. We have experience across a variety of moves and can help you with specialty moves including:

Senior Moves: Older adults require the utmost care and attention during a move. We offer senior moving services that make moving manageable with the least amount of stress for you and your loved ones.

Antique Moves: Large and delicate items need a feather-light touch to safely make it out of your current home and to its new destination. We can provide the right movers and protection for the specialty item to be moved.

Gun Safe Moves: Heavy, bulky items like a gun safe can cause serious injuries if not moved correctly. Leave the lifting to us! With the right equipment, our team can swiftly relocate your gun safe to its new destination.

Piano Moves: With fragile internal components and total size, a piano move can be a total headache. By protecting your floors, doors and walls, our team can get your piano move out of your home and to the next without damage or injury.

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At Security Moving & Storage, our moving and storage crews know exactly what it takes to give you peace of mind when moving your unique property. From moving antiques and heavy items to senior moves and safe relocations, we are the right specialty movers for your precious cargo. 

Give our experienced teams a call at (513) 961-2700 or fill out our online form to get your quote today.



Did you know...?

What is the Difference Between a Quote and Estimate?

While some moving companies use the terms interchangeably, there is a big difference between a quote and estimate. An estimate is simply a contractor's best guess as to how much the price will be. On the other hand, a quote is binding. Unless there was a variation to your contract, a quote is set in stone.

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