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Security Moving & Storage knows that moving antiques and other priceless items take precision and care.

We ensure:

  • Efficient loading and unloading
  • Packing, protecting and transporting your belongings with the utmost care
  • Providing secure and reliable services

We’re the preferred moving company for vintage and delicate items because:

  • We have over 100 years of experience
  • We are a fully-licensed and insured moving company
  • We have experienced moving teams
  • Our storage facilities are safe and secure

Looking to move into or around the Cincinnati area and need to get antiques or fine art moved? Call on professionals who have experience in moving antique furniture, vintage art and other fragile, priceless items. With over 100 years of experience, Security Moving & Storage is the trusted moving services provider for relocating antiques with the precision and care that is required.

We ensure safe, reliable transport and proper handling of your items during the entire moving process. Our teams are sure to get your antique and vintage items safely to their planned destination. 

Moving Antiques 

When it comes to moving delicate and precious items, you want the best moving company that specializes in antiques. Security Moving & Storage is the moving service provider for specialty items such as fine art, glass, porcelain, vintage furniture, family heirlooms and other priceless things.

Antique Movers CincinnatiDuring an antique move we:

  • Use top of the line packaging materials including rigid cartons and boxes
  • Add extra padding for the most fragile items
  • Pay special attention to detail, ensuring your delicate property is properly packed
  • Utilize packing materials such as bubble wrap, furniture pads and moving blankets to protect items of all sizes
  • Load and unload antiques with extra care, placing them in their destination securely
  • Assembly and disassembly as needed

We take extra steps when packing and moving, so you know that your valuables are in good hands. Our team moves your irreplaceable items with precision and care, to ensure they make it to their new destination in one piece. Security Moving & Storage is a professional moving company in Cincinnati with decades of experience moving antiques. We are also fully licensed and insured so you can rest assured that your pieces are in reliable hands.

Storing Your Antiques

Need to store your antiques for a bit? We also offer long and short-term storage solutions in our climate-controlled warehouse. These storage facilities are highly secure, so you can keep them safe for as long as you need. 

When you trust Security Moving & Storage with your antique storage needs, you know your collectible items are monitored and looked after with the utmost care. We have the proper tools to get them moved in and out of storage, so you can have them when you need them, on time and undamaged.

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Did you know...?

How Do I Know Which Movers are Trustworthy?

With how big the moving industry is, it can be pretty difficult to determine who the best moving company is for you. Here are some of the key things to look for when researching a moving company:

  • Badges: Look to see if they have any certifications or if they are accredited by the BBB. These will also show you if they have won any awards.
  • Experience: You may want to avoid movers that are relatively new. Experience is key to a good move. This could be anywhere on the site but the most surefire location is in their About Us page.
  • Reviews: Find online reviews. If a moving company has less than a 4 star average rating on their Google Reviews, there is most likely an issue there.
  • Family-Owned and Operated: This is always a big plus. Not only will this help you avoid shady moving companies, but it will also help you avoid ones that are too big to truly care about your move.

The only way to know is to do in-depth research. As you narrow down your list, look more and more into these aspects of the company to find the best one for you.

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