Moving from Ohio to Texas – Useful Info and Needed Tips

Considering making a move from the Buckeye State to the Lone Star State? That’s a big transition. As the owner of an El Paso, TX moving company, I’ve helped a lot of people get settled into their new home in a new state.

In that experience, I have learned what it takes to have a successful long-distance move. To help you, I’ve put together this ultimate guide with all of the information and tips that you need to be stress-free when moving from Ohio to Texas.

Ohio and Texas: Key Differences

Ohio and Texas are incredibly different states in a lot of different ways. You’re going to have to plan for these differences as you move and as you settle into your new home state. To help, I put together some of the major differences between Ohio and Texas:

  • Weather: There are some perks to living in a city with snow, but overall you’ll be relieved to get to Texas and not have to shovel your sidewalk or dig your car out of the snow before work. However, there are different temperature challenges that come with Texas. You’ll have to be prepared to get through summers that often hit 100 degrees. We suggest looking into some changes to your wardrobe to reflect this.
  • Culture: While Texas and Ohio are in the same country, they have incredibly different cultures. As you know, Ohio is home to a great midwest culture. This is very different from the blend of Southern American culture and Hispanic culture that Texas is host to. Expect everything from different cuisine to entertainment to mannerisms, and even some language as Spanish is more widely spoken in the area.
  • Population: Everything is bigger in Texas, including the population! You’ll be able to find a lot more big cities in Texas, from Houston to Dallas to Austin and more, considering the population of Texas is more than twice as big as Ohio.
  • Housing Costs: When planning your moving budget, be prepared to pay more for a home or get a smaller one when moving from Ohio to Texas. The median home price in Texas is roughly $70,000 more than in Ohio.
  • Tech Hub: The economy of Texas is a unique one. Lately, there has been a dramatic rise in the tech industry moving from previous hotspots such as San Francisco into Texas. This makes Texas a great place to move to at the moment as more new businesses mean more new jobs.

Planning is important to make moving easy. By understanding how Ohio and Texas compare, you can prepare for your move from a different perspective.

Top Tips for Moving Long-Distance

When planning a long-distance move, especially one as far away as going from Ohio to Texas, you need to feel confident in your moving process in order to have a stress-free move. That’s why I put together my top tips to help you have a successful relocation from Ohio to Texas:

  1. Check Licenses: Always check your mover’s licenses before agreeing to partner with them. If you are working with a reputable moving company they will have all of their licenses listed at the bottom of their website, including both their federal and state licenses.
  2. Use the Mover’s Database: Research is key to picking the right moving company. That’s why you should take a potential moving company’s USDOT number and look it up in the FMCSA’s Movers Database to discover everything from insurance info to past customer complaints.
  3. Declutter: When it comes to moving, decluttering is key to making it simple and even saving money. We suggest that those moving long-distance look into donating, selling, or even throwing away items they don’t need anymore. Your move will be less complicated with a smaller inventory and having less weight will translate into a cheaper move.
  4. Take Complete Inventory: It is always good to be protected. Even when you move with a long-distance moving company that you trust, accidents can still happen and it’s best that you remain prepared. That’s why you should take an in-depth inventory of your belongings. By taking pictures of all of the valuable or easy-to-damage items that you’re moving, you will have picture evidence of the condition of your items before your move.

With these tips, you’ll be able to make an educated decision and feel confident in your moving company choice as well as effectively get ready for your move. A great move starts with preparation.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, what moving from Ohio to Texas comes down to is considering every aspect of your move.

That means taking into account the differences between Texas and Ohio, such as the weather, culture, population size, housing costs, and economy, as well as everything you need to make an educated choice in the moving company you partner with and how to prepare for your move.

If you’re looking for more information, take a look at the Security Moving Long Distance page. I’d also suggest that you check out the John Ferguson Buyer’s Guide for Household Moves to get even more useful information.